Course duration of BS in Philippines

Degree Course for Bachelors in Philippines

The course duration of the BS in Philippines is of 4 years after class 10. The ‘Bachelor’s of science’ is a 4 years degree course for bachelors. The education system in Philippines for the nationals at present is 10 + 4 years where 10 years of school education and 4 years of BS course is required for enrolling in the MD. The students’ eligible for the MD course has to complete a 4 year BS degree to pursue MD. However, the credits obtained during the semesters of the BS degree helps in the enrollment of the MD. Basically, the total duration of the BS + MD course is approximately 1.-2 years followed by 4 years of bachelors’ degree.

For an Indian student with the education experience of 10+2 years aspire to study MBBS in Philippines has to achieve the BS degree for signing up in the MD degree. There are several specializations in the BS course for the students to enroll. The student should fulfill the eligibility criteria before enrolling for the following course.

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