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In Top Medical Universities of Russia We are consultant of the Best Medical Universities of Russia

The MBBS in Russia for Indian students fee structure is liable to contrast from college. One of the popular and primary courses that students like to study MBBS in Russia so they can turn into a renowned specialist. The country has one of the Best Medical Universities. Fee Structure and Top Universities accessibility makes it an conspicuous choice for Indian student to peruse MBBS in Russia.


Kursk State Medical University

Renowned for its quality in medical education and research, Kursk State Medical University is situated in Kursk, Russia. It has a long history of generating highly qualified healthcare professionals who work both domestically and abroad, having been founded in 1935. With its extensive undergraduate and graduate curriculum in medical, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing, the institution equips students with a broad theoretical understanding and practical skills through cutting-edge facilities and knowledgeable instructors. Kursk State Medical University is a prominent medical education school that makes important contributions to the worldwide progress of healthcare via its unwavering dedication to innovation and continual improvement.


Volgograd Medical University

Volgograd State Medical University is situated in Volgograd. It was founded in the year 1930 as Stalingrad Medical Institute. Later, in 1993, it got the status of Academy and in 2003, it was granted the status of University and from that onwards it is recognized as Volgograd State Medical University. The Volgograd State Medical University is listed in the The World Directory of Medical Schools WHO list of world medical schools and also in the International Medical education directory provided by FAIMER thus is recognized by MCI India. Nowadays the teaching staff of the University numbers 763 highly qualified professors and instructors with 11 academicians, 96 professors and 401 associate professors among them. Most of them have Ph.D.’s or more advanced degrees. There are total 7 students hostel and separate accommodation is provided for boys and girls with all facilities.

Ulyanovsk State Medical University

Ulyanovsk State Medical University was founded in 19th century, in the year 1988. Ulyanovsk State Medical University is located in city of Ulyanovsk Oblast. This University is non-profit University and it is one of the best Universities in Russia. Many Indian students have been graduated from this University and all have become extraordinary doctors in the world. In this University all festivals of Indian like Navratri, Holi, Diwali, New Year is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The degree of this university is recognized by WHO, UNESCO, MCI, USMLE, GMC, and listed in FAIMER list. One of the great news about this University is there is an Indian mess for Indian students with 3 Indian Chefs. Moreover, the lectures are delivered in English throughout the study. Furthermore, the fees of college and living is also inexpensive, and on the top of that, this University mainly focus on practical aspects.

Mari State Medical University

Mari State Medical University, located in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, stands as a distinguished institution renowned for its commitment to excellence in medical education and research. With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1972, the university has continually evolved, adapting to the dynamic landscape of healthcare and education. Offering a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing, Mari State Medical University prides itself on fostering a conducive learning environment supported by state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty. Additionally, the university places a strong emphasis on practical training, providing students with ample opportunities for clinical exposure and hands-on experience, thereby ensuring their readiness to meet the challenges of the healthcare profession upon graduation. Committed to advancing medical knowledge and improving healthcare outcomes, Mari State Medical University remains a beacon of academic excellence and innovation in the field of medicine.

Perm State Medical University

This Perm state medical university was established at the 14th October, 1916 at the Perm Krai in Russia. Dr. Vladimir Malanin is the president of this Perm state medical university. There are 1800 academic staffs are available in this university. These Medical University is a most importantly documented scientific center of elevated medical education and research exertion. University has 72 departments which have 607 highly qualified professors, including 147 doctors and 365 candidates of medical sciences. There are around more than 18000 students are pursuing the MBBS degree in this university. As compared to the universities of Russia, this one is having the wide scope of students in their medical academy. In accommodation guidance is provided to the students of this university which helps them to construe the challenges that would come their way in potential. The whole University campus are having the modern security system operates, and there are points with free wireless Internet access. This having one of the largest and well developed forms of the library in its campus and contains the all types of books in it for the students of this university.


Smolensk State Medical University

The Smolensk state medical university is earlier established in the year 1920, located at the Smolensk city, Russia. This university is considered to one of the pinnacle medical university in Russia. The campus is situated at the well formed urban side. All facilities are situated in one campus that is educational buildings, hostels, mess, play ground or sport complexes, library, cultural complexes and park at the Smolensk state medical university. There are 4 separate hostel facilities are available, which can finely accommodate more than 2000 students. The hostels are fully furnished and all are with attached with the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. The basic system is the rule of university is that two students in one room are allowed to stay in per room at the hostel and the separate arrangements for boys and girls are available. The Smolensk State Medical Academy has 65 Departments located in the campus and on the basis of the leading health care units of the town. 450 professors are work at the academy including 92 Doctors of Medicine and 281 Candidates of Sciences (PhD). This university trains the MBBS and pharmaceutical specialists for various regions of Russia as well as for a number of overseas countries.

MBBS Admission In Russia

Hello students and parents, are you looking for the abroad studies in Medical”, then you’re at the right place. Yash Overseas is a Consultant providing the consulting services and helping the candidate to fulfill their dream career to study in abroad. We are offering an education consultancy services with a difference which provide the full guidance to the students for seeking the admission to different universities globally with its office situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Yash Overseas was established in the year 2008. The primary objectives lies in assisting, counseling and advisory service for pursuing abroad studies in Medical and IELTS education in overseas educational institutions.

We have already sent more than 100+ students to UK, Australia, Philippines, Europe, US, China, Ukraine, MBBS in Russia, Georgia, in last 10 years for various courses. Yash Overseas Educational Consultants are authorized by various Universities to propagate and promote education faculties to students of different countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, U.K., Middle East Countries, and South African Countries etc. We are betrothed in providing diverse services for students like Education Loan, Passport, Air Ticket, Immigration and Student Visa. We are also providing the education in various countries such as China, Philippines, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Cyprus, Singapore, Caribbean and USA. Yash Overseas is India’s foremost Overseas Education Consultancy that has helped thousands of students to reach their dreams.

MBBS Admission In Russia

For What Reason Should I Think About Study MBBS Abroad

Low Tuition Fees

Low Tuition Fees

Studying MBBS abroad is a way vey less expensive compared to studying MBBS in India with the fees being as low as 9 to 10 lakhs for complete MBBS course. The college fees can be paid on yearly portions and the students are not required to pay the fees at once.

No Donation required to Pay
No Donation required to Pay

Apart from the low fee structure, there will be no donation required to pay for studying MBBS abroad, which is not possible in the case of Indian private colleges. Moreover the students going for MBBS Abroad does not require to pay any donation in any of the Russian University.

Career Gateway
Career Gateway

Students studying MBBS abroad, especially in Philippines as the best career gateway in diverse developed countries like USA, UK, and Canada etc. After completion of their MBBS course they can practice in Russia without giving any licensing exam.

Global Job Opportunity
Global Job Opportunity

After the completion of MBBS abroad the entryways of chance are opened comprehensively. You can practice anyplace on the planet subsequent to finishing your MBBS degree and consenting to your preferred qualification criteria of the nation where you wish to practice.

Study MBBS in Russia
No Entrance Fees
No Entrance Fees

For getting admission for doing MBBS in Philippines, Russia, Bangladesh, Ukraine, and China, there is no entrance exam or test is required. The candidates only need to meet the eligibility criteria for getting admission for doing MBBS in Abroad.

English is the Medium of Instruction
English is the Medium of Instruction

The Students doing MBBS abroad, the medium of communication is English in Russia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Ukraine and China. Further the students are not required to learn the local language for classroom learning.

MCI and WHO approved Medical Universities
MCI and WHO approved Medical Universities

In Russia all the medical universities are MCI and WHO approved and also approved by their respective national regulator of education, the students will be qualified to practice in India or some other country subject to satisfaction of the qualification criteria.

Indian Food Available
Indian Food Available

With such huge numbers of students studying MBBS abroad, Indian nourishment is presently effortlessly available for the students. There are numerous eateries giving Indian nourishment, both veggie lover and non-vegetarian.

Study MBBS in Russia
Low Cost of Living

The other benefit with the affordable fees structure is for cost of living in abroad is also low and affordable. This supports to lower the cost significantly for the students.

MBBS Russia
Students are highly Safe and Secure

It is very safe and secure for the students doing MBBS abroad by political, economic, and for their personal safety in Philippines, Russia, Bangladesh, Ukraine and China. Further it is well known that there is no discrimination in these countries and students live safely in their hostel or other accommodations.

MBBS Admission In Russia
No Hidden Cost

The consulting service provided by Yash Overseas is 100% valid. We retain the trust of our clients and have emerged as the foremost institution for providing the consulting service for abroad MBBS. We are giving the 100% satisfaction guarantee of our services. Therefore there is no hidden information or cost when you deal with Yash Overseas, Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose MBBS in Russia?

MBBS in Russia is known for its quality and moderateness around the world. The vast majority of the Russian colleges are perceived by foundations like Chuvash State University, Kazan State Medical University, and Kazan Federal University for giving clinical examination.

Is MBBS in Russia expensive?

No, MBBS in Russia isn't costly in any way, all things considered, examining MBBS in Russia is more reasonable and plausible than some other private clinical school in India.

Does the duration of MBBS program in Russia include internship?

Indeed, the 6 years of MBBS Study in Russia incorporates a temporary position for around 1 year towards the end for equivalent accentuation on hypothetical and pragmatic preparing.

Can I practice MBBS in India, after completing my MBBS from Russia ?

Indeed, you can rehearse the calling in India once you clear FMGE/NEXT test led by MCI after the fruition of your MBBS concentrate in Russia.

How can I apply for MBBS in Russia?

At the point when you intend to examine MBBS in Russia , you can demand an individual advising meeting to get more data by reaching out to us. We will direct you from that point on and assist you with the necessary desk work, courses of action for your visit, and considerably more.

Before choosing the country for MBBS Abroad the below mentioned points which should be noticed :

  • Established College and University
  • MCI approved or WHO recognized or not
  • No Indian students studying currently there
  • Hostel Facilities and environment of the hostel
  • Availability of Indian Foods and Indian Restaurants
  • Facilities for MCI test
  • Status of MCI qualifying exam in that college
  • Duration of the MBBS Course
  • Exam Criteria
  • Language of the lectures in which it is being taught to the students
  • Climate Condition and Adaptation
  • Local environment
  • Travelling duration from Hostel to college, from airport to hostel, duration to hospital and other places
MBBS in Russia fee structure best MBBS University in Russia for Indian students

Requirements for getting Admission in MBBS Abroad

  • The candidate should complete his/her intermediate education (12th), or and education equivalent to Secondary education.
  • 50% rating score is required in the Biology, Physics, and Chemistry and a valid NEET score card which verify that the student has qualified the NEET exam
  • Admission fees once paid is not refundable on violation
  • Paying Capacity
  • Necessary original documents required
  • Certificate of completed intermediate education
  • Passport with appropriate entry visa
  • Medical Reference
  • Application form
  • 10 Photographs

Services provided by us for the students interested to do MBBS Abroad

  • Academic and Career Counseling
  • Help the clients to choose a stream
  • University Admission Assistance
  • MCI Coaching in Universities
  • Documentation Assistance
  • Provision for specific Course Information
  • Best assistance in every regard
  • Special Services to Parents
  • Visa guidance, Foreign Exchange
  • Travel Assistance
  • Airport Pickup
  • Temporary Accommodation

Why Yash Overseas Consultant for MBBS Abroad?

  • We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • Yash Overseas is well-known consultants whichis transparent and gives complete information guaranteed.
  • We are providing the free counseling for the right University and Country to meet your budget.
  • Guaranteed admission if you meet the eligibility criteria and submit all the required documents on time.
  • We are providing the advice on Passport application process.
  • Support for Visa processing and loan assistance.
  • Give proper guidance for appearing screening test and getting MCI registration.
  • Help to get the foreign exchanges from the authorized dealers of Government of India.
  • Support the candidates in their Travel arrangement and sending them in a particular batch.
  • Proper guidance is given for filling for MCI certificate of eligibility in India.
  • Best accommodation arrangement in University Hostel.
  • Very low admission processing fees and we are the best guidance giver for MBBS in abroad.

Following Is A Brief Idea And Comparison On The Various Options Available

Sr. No Particular Philippines Russia
1 Duration 5 Years 6 Years
2 Medium of Instruction English English, Russian is taught during years 1-3. Clinical rotation in Russian
3 Weather Condition Temperate Climate, Coastal region Extreme Cold Condition
4 Eligibility Min 50% PCB for open category and 40% for reserved category in 12th
5 Recognition MCI, WHO accredited Government Universities
6 Recognition Elsewhere All over the world. May need relevant entrance exams for countries like UK (PLAB) and USA (USMLE) for practice or PG courses EU recognizes mobility of education between Russia and Europe, Middle East, Mauritius. Recognized in UK (PLAB) and USA (USMLE)
7 Intake Jul/Aug + Sometimes March Intake 1 Sep to 30 Jun (first year allowed to join as late as November) Groups pattern not class pattern
8 Hostels Separate for Indian Students and separate washroom facilities for Girls and Boys, Some facilities have in room washrooms CO Ed, washrooms segregated, common kitchens
9 MCI Passing rate 85%-90% in first attempt 10%-15% in first attempt
10 Food Facilities Indian Canteen available, Indian restaurants around a few university campuses available, Vegetarian options available Cold meals, including limited vegetarian options
11 Local Language English is official language, local dialect is Tagalog Russian

Process to Get Admission in RUSSIA

Study MBBS in Russia

10 Steps to Get Russian Visa

chuvash state university
Kazan Federal University

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