Essential Information in Medical Education for Indian Students

The Health Ministry of India has declared his final decision by passing a law which states that from May 2024, students who want to peruse their career in Medical field has to pass the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET). Despite, of student wants to study Medical in India or elsewhere in overseas countries has to compulsory pass the NEET exam.

Earlier in February month, the ministry had made NEET as a essential for students who wish to get admission to government and private medical colleges in India. Though, now the government has applied the same for only Indian students living in India or abroad who want to study medical from foreign universities (MBBS/BDS). (NEET) from now on. Moreover, student who clears NEET exam and wants to study in abroad countries has to take a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

An official statement was issued by the ministry reading, "It is informed that the regulations prescribe that the Indian citizens or Overseas Citizen of India intending to obtain primary medical qualification from any medical institution outside India, on or after May 2024, shall have to mandatorily qualify the NEET for admission to MBBS course abroad.”

The statistical record shows that from India more than 8000 students choose overseas countries to peruse their career in the field of Medical. Nowadays, its has been a trend for doing MBBS in Russia, China, Philippines, Georgia.

Further it is also said that all the students studying MBBS either in India or abroad, will have to pass a Licentiate Exam (Exit Test) after their completion of MBBS. Moreover no separate MCI screening test will be taken for the students studying outside India.

The same Exit Test taken will also replace NEET PG Exam, and seats for medical PG education in India and the students will be allotted on the basis of performance in Exit test.

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