MBBS in Mordovia State University

The Mordovia State University of the Russia is a renowned institute for ‘Bachelors of Medical Bachelor of Surgery’ (MBBS). The university of Mordovia was established in October 1957 in the Saransk city, the capital of the republic of Mordovia in Russia.

There are several educational programs for undergraduate (UG) and post graduate (PG) offered at Mordovia State University. The education system and teaching staff of the university is commendable and offers a great deal for the training of the following courses. The study environment and infrastructure of the university is creditable chiefly for the international students. The teaching staff has expertise in conducting valuable training and helpful workshops for the students. Theoretical and practical knowledge are given to the students throughout the academic sessions. Top qualified and highly experienced professors are hired at the Mordovia State University to offer excellent education to the students.

Why Morodvia State University

Why Morodvia State University?

The Morodovia State University is equipped with all the latest medical instruments and modern technologies to provide thorough knowledge to the students. The students are well trained with all the important theoretical and practical knowledge about the medicines. To excel the students in the MBBS degree the teaching staff helps and instructs and educates the students with workshop and practical sessions. Extracurricular activities are organized by the institute to keep the students active and help them. Student council, sports, culture and arts center is available for the students.

Qualifications for Morodvia State University

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Diploma of higher education
  • Master's Degree
  • Diploma of PhD
Qualifications for Morodvia State University

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